Award from US Ambassador refused !

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Samad Khurram, Harvard student and an active SAC member refuses to receive award from US Ambassador in protest against killings of Pakistani people.

SAC is proud to have Samad Khurram in its ranks !

The NEWS of today reports:

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani student Wednesday refused to receive prize from American ambassador N.W. Patterson at a ceremony hosted by private school in Islamabad.

Student Samad Khurram refused to receive the award in protest against killings of Pakistani people as a result of US attack in Pakistan’s tribal areas and its continued support for President Musharraf.

Speaking on the occasion. U.S envoy said she was deeply hurt by the killing incident and trying to clear the misunderstanding.

Earlier, she stressed on the need to increase people to people contacts for better relations between two countries.

Patterson further said 5400 students went to U.S for acquiring educations previous year.

Final Schedule for Long March

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Please register by June 10th, 9pm on this blog, or by calling 0332-4838139 between 11 am - 10 pm. For further registration inquiries email or Your participation can make all the difference!

*For donating to SAC long march initiative, see previous post on this blog.

The schedule is provisional. Minor changes, when made, will be informed to all SAC members.

12th June 9 - 11 AM :
- Check-in in front of Aitzaz's House (5 Zaman Park).
- Buses and duties delegated.
- Please eat a heavy breakfast as we have a long day ahead of us.

12th June 11 AM :
- Buses leave for High Court to join lawyers.
- CJs address at the High Court.

12th June 12 PM (estimate)
- Leave for Islamabad via GT Road
- SAC bus will follow CCP delegation.

12th June 4 PM :
- Late Lunch will be served.

12th June 10 PM:
- Arrival in Islamabad at Camp Office.
- Dinner to be served by Islamabad Committee

12th June 11 PM:
- Housing assigned and students transported to their locations

13th June 9 AM:
- Buses will pick up students from their housing in Islamabad.
- Brunch at Camp Office at Aabpara.

13th June 10 AM:
- Sit in outside the Parliament, Presidency and the Supreme Court.

13th June 5 PM:
- Buses leave for Lahore.
- Late Lunch/ Early Dinner will be provided on the way.

Facilities for SAC Members
All Students who participate under the SAC banner for the Long March are entitled to the following, FREE OF CHARGE. The following will be ONLY for people who register with SAC and obey SAC's policies. Please do mention during registration if you are requesting for housing in Lahore before the 12th.

- AC Coasters
- There will be option to travel in accompanying cars for a few people.

Food and Water:
- Food provided as per plan above.
- Each bus will have water cooler with Nestle Water Bottles.

- People coming from other cities will be provided housing in Lahore for upto 2 days in advance.
- Housing ensured for all participants of the Long March.
- Girls will be housed at homes with a chaperon.
- Guys will be housed by Isb members and will also be allowed to spend then night at Aabpara as per the lawyers' plan.

- All buses, luggage and participants will be scanned to ensure safety.
- Security provided as per CCP recommendations and decision.
- A team of SAC volunteers will be looking after security throughout the trip.

- Detailed emergency exit plan will be provided to all SAC members on the 12th.
- All buses will have basic first aid kits and one or two doctors will be available throughout the trip.
- Limited possibility of Emergency evacuation will be provided.

Responsibilities of SAC members
All SAC members are expected to (this list is not exhaustive):
- Cooperate with the SAC plan from the commencement of the Long March till the completion.
- Maintain orderly conduct through out the trip.
- Stick with SAC emergency plans.
- Remain non-partisan and united throughout the trip. Those who participate with SAC will have to forgo their party affiliations.
- Observe silence during speeches and follow instructions when asked to.
- Bear heat, thirst and hunger when needed.
- Bring their own medicines and other items needed by them.
- Bring small snacks and drinks for the trip.
- Travel Light. Only bring ONE set of clothing.
- Report any unwanted / suspicious activity to the concerned people.

Donate to SAC Long March Initiative

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Round-trip transportation and meals during long march will be provided by SAC. To register for long march, please fill out the form given on this web page. You can also contact us by emailing or calling 0332-483-8139.
To Donate Via Visa, Mastercard or American Express:
Please click on the donate button on the right

***SAC's long march fundraising and budget is viewable online at

To Donate Via Wire Transfer:

In Pakistan:
Beneficiary Name: Sundas Hurain
Bank name: Bank al-falah
Branch: 0033 defence branch lahore
Account number: 02018531

Make Checks payable to the above account

To Donate in person:


Karachi: Moneeza: 0308-2288572

Lahore: Ale Natiq 0321-457-2707 or email

Islamabad: Kamil: 0345-5104892

Promotional pro-judiciary camp

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

WHERE Press Club
WHEN May 31 - All-day event - 9 to 6 PM

Activities on-site:
1. Stickering the numerous public transport (and any willing private) vehicles that pass by
2. Distributing flyers to commuters
3. Making a real noise with creative slogans
4. Mushaira / qawwaali
5. Registering people for the Long March
6. Planning future activities

This camp marks the beginning of SAC activities for the long march. All those who are able, please participate.